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Westway LAB PRO 2017

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Palácio Vila Flor / CCVF


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Westway LAB's Professional Music Conference is the first event of its kind in Portugal, combining Portugal's first international showcase festival with multi-national artist residencies with a PRO conference that has been growing year to year since its start in 2014. Past keynote speakers include Peter Jenner, Keith Harris, Charles Caldas, Helen Smith and many other music industry speakers with panels on digital trends, synch & publishing, new music festivals, new music initiatives, networkings and artist talks. If you want to get to know Portugal's music scene, this is a great place to start. Westway LAB is also a proud member of the ETEP network. For 2017, Westway LAB teams up with the first edition of the WHY Portugal Event, focusing on the internationalization of the Portuguese Music Cluster and the intersection point between music and film with a special panel featuring two speakers from SxSW and SxSW Film Festival:

WESTWAY LAB PRO + WHY Portugal Event 2017 Sessions:

Wednesday April 5th:

10:00 Delegate PRO Registration Opens, 1st floor, Palácio Vila Flor

Including Westway PRO Registration + WHY Portugal Event

11:30 Morning Short Film Session, Small Auditorium CCVF

(Presented by WHY Portugal Event)

15:00 Afternoon Short Film Session I, Small Auditorium CCVF

(Presented by WHY Portugal Event)

16:30 Afternoon Short Film Session II, Small Auditorium CCVF

(Presented by WHY Portugal Event)

18:00 Artist Talks

Thursday April 6th:

10:00 Introducing the IAO: International Artist Organization / Apresentação da IAO – Organização Internacional de Artistas
Giving voice to featured artists from several countries, the IAO – International Artist Organization is an increasingly important part of the music business ecosystem as more and more artists begin to take control over their music careers. Suzanne Combo, french artist and VP of La Gam, presents the artist movement from the French as well as International perspectives. Portugal does not (yet) have a La Gam style artist organization to piece itself into the IAO Map: Portuguese artists, be sure to make it out to this session and get organized!


The Sync Panel: Where Music Meets Film($) / Sessão de Sincronizações: Onde a música encontra o cinema

(Presented by WHY Portugal Event)

The interaction point between music and film, as well as the music publishing and synch business, are one of the many strategies that can drive the internationalization of artist projects. Moderated by Mouna Guemazi, this panel features several professionals working at this exciting – and profitable – crossroads of music and film.

Speakers: Nis Bogvad, Copenhagen Film Music DK, Peter Bradbury, Head of Music, SKY TV UK, others TBC.

12:00 Presenting Live DMA: European Music Venues Association / Apresentação LiveDMA: a rede Europeia de Salas de Concertos

Live DMA is a European non-governmental owned network working to support and promote the conditions of the live music industry. Founded in 2012 by the Spanish network ACCES and the French federation La Fedurok (now known as FEDELIMA), Live DMA is by nature a network based on shared visions and values, and international collaboration. Exchange of best practices and experiences have ever since the foundation been the pivot of Live DMA’s existence.

Through time, Live DMA has grown rapidly in terms of size and impact, and today, the network is composed of 17 members situated in 13 countries. The members are regional and national live music associations, which in total represent more than 2500 music venues and festivals located all over Europe. Audrey Guerre comes to Portugal to discuss the importance of a national Venues Association – which Portugal does not yet have – in order to represent our country's venues on the European stage.


15:00 The Swedish Secret! / O Segredo Sueco!

Ever since ABBA's glory days, Sweden has been known on the international scene for punching above its weight in terms of Music Export. Even compared to its Scandinavian neighbours, Sweden's musical exports account for over three times the revenue it generates. Aproximately 150 million Euros in a country with a population that is comparable to Portugal's – third in the world of music export, behind only the US and UK. How does Sweden do it?

Westway invites Sara Thorstensson and Linda Brandemark from BILDA, and Mattias Tell from KulturUngdom, to let us in on the Swedish secret... and it has music education, formal and informal, as its basic foundation.

Moderator: Peter Astedt



16:30 Roll over D.I.Y.... here comes D.I.O.! / Movimento DIY, apresentamos-te ao D.I.O.!
The punk ethic of the “Do It Yourself” movement has graduated into a new generation of artists, scholars and professionals that realize no one can make it alone in the digitally connected environment; on the other hand, the practical reality of living online make it easier to connect with other people, sharing tasks and responsabilities, setting up international tours, promoting records across borders... Bernardo Queirós from Oh Lee Music and members of Portuguese band Throes & The Shine discuss their new reality as members of a new generation ready to do great business while placing a truly collaborative approach at the top of their list of priorities. They get by with a little help from their friends!

18:00 Artist Talks

Friday April 7th:

10:00 WHY Portugal Event presents: SXSW & SXSW Film / WHY Portugal apresenta: os festivais SXSW e SXSW Film

32 years ago, in Austin, Texas, a few music lovers got together and gave birth to what is today the biggest music festival and conference event in the world. How did it all happen? What is the story behind SXSW and what does it stand for today?

The WHY Portugal music exchange platform invites SXSW's European Rep Mirko Whitfield and SXSW Film's Claudette Godfrey to come to Guimarães for a session that promises to reveal the essence of SXSW.

11:00 Westway LAB 2017 PRO Keynote Interview: TBC

12:00 The French Format! / O Formato Francês!

France is probably one of the most differentiated markets in Europe when it comes to music. A strong domestic music scene, coupled with open doors to artists coming from Europe, Africa and beyond, have led to a market that is formatted for success. Everything from its cultural funds, levies and cultural taxes, plus the legendary Bureau Export, lead to France attaining a unique position in the global music scene. As new PRO conferences like MaMA Event in Paris assume their 21st century role alongside events like the historic MIDEM, we invite several French professionals to discuss the French music industry format to shed a little light on its detailed and unique structures.

Speakers TBC

15:00 Sound Diplomacy presents: Music Cities / A Sound Diplomacy apresenta: Cidades de Música

Katja Hermes drops in on Westway LAB's 4th edition in Guimarães to tell us more about Sound Diplomacy and its Music Cities work, with a presentation followed by an interview conducted by Carlos Martins, Opium Consulting.

This panel will be of particular interest to all Portuguese cities leaning towards considering the approach of being a “music city”: Westway (and Guimarães of course!) hereby challenge the cities of Braga, Porto, Coimbra, Leiria, Lisbon, and any other municipality that is interested in joining Westway PRO for this important session.

16:30 GDA Session: The Portuguese Artists' Performing Rights Society presents its annual panel on key issues facing the artist community, on a Portuguese as well as international level.

Sessão GDA: A Sociedade de Gestão de Direitos de Artistas apresenta o seu painel anual sobre os assuntos do momento na agenda da comunidade de artistas, tanto no panorama nacional como internacional.

18:00 Artist Talks

Saturday April 8th:

10:00 Westway LAB & WHY Portugal present: SXSW-style Taco Breakfast / Westway LAB e WHY Portugal apresentam: pequeno almoço com Tacos ao estilo do SXSW

The CCVF Café Concerto rises to the challenge – inspired by SXSW Film's Jarod Neece, who has also published the book “The tacos of Texas” (https://utpress.utexas.edu/books/rayo-neece-tacos-of-texas) of attempting to make Texan Tacos in Guimarães, Portugal, in a fine April morning. Whatever else happens, this promises to be a fun-filled morning for all professionals and the public alike!

11:30 Creative Europe / Europa Criativa Info Session

Susana Costa Pereira, from Portugal's Creative Europe contact office, presents Europe's cultural support programme to Portuguese artists, professionals, as well as any Westway LAB PRO international delegates in attendance wanting to find out more about potential partners to be found in Portugal for European projects.

15:00 City Festival Networking Tour / Afternoon Showcases

Westway PRO Delegates are invited to tour the Cities' different music spots during the Westway LAB Festival, which expands to four new venues this year beyond the CCVF, with 8 artist showcases at city venues before the evening's headline shows back at the main venue, CCVF. Visit www.westwaylabfestival.com for additional infos!

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Palácio Vila Flor / CCVF


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