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I started listening and playing Gypsy Jazz in 2002. There weren’t any musicians or guitars so I was self-taught. In 2014 I asked Portuguese Luthier APC to build me a Handmade Gypsy Jazz Guitar and went further on with interviews, articles and album reviews.

I’ve been transcribing the most iconic solos from Django, Bireli, Stochelo and so on. Proper analysis of those licks made a huge impact on my music and teaching. It brought me optimal understanding of structure, phrasing and how to generate new ideas.

I’ve been playing with Gypsy Jazz musicians in Portugal, New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and India. Since 2014 I have dedicated myself to promoting Gypsy Jazz in Portugal and motivating friends to play the genre and start new projects.

In 2015 I invited Paulus Schafer Trio to perform at Seixal Jazz Festival. Since then I’ve been publishing interviews, articles and album reviews, while hosting and playing with the best International musicians.

It’s my passion to contribute to the growth of the this community in Portugal through Club Concerts,  Jam Sessions, Street Music and Django’s Festivals around the world.