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Margarete Filipa Reis




I am a very happy and cheerful girl.


Throughout my life journey I have always tried to be very grateful for all the small opportunities. I'm from Porto, Portugal. 



I come from a simple family with low education. My family members work in factories, cleaning, supermarkets, etc.


I was the first person in my family to enter university.


I currently have a master's degree in Educational Sciences: Social Education and Community Intervention. I am also taking a university graduate degree in Architectural and Urban Environmental Rehabilitation.


What is the relationship between Educational Sciences and Architecture?


During the master's degree I developed a project called "Por um bairro mais amigo das crianças: Novos protagonistas" (For a more child-friendly neighborhood: new protagonists).


This project involved more than 70 children and young people who lived or studied in a rotten neighborhood in a Portuguese city.


I gathered some children and once a week we did different activities related to the participation of children in the city.


We talk about children's participation rights and the importance of children being involved in urban planning decisions in cities.


Children are part of society, use transport, walk around the city and play in the city. There are several reasons why we should listen to children about what they think about urban public spaces. Children are more genuine, sincere and creative. They are able to better identify city problems and think of solutions that are good for all people. In my project, the children became aware that their voice was important and that they had the right to decide the best for their neighborhood. The children walked around the neighborhood and identified many problems. They wrote about these problems, photographed the different places in the neighborhood and wrote ideas and solutions to improve the neighborhood. They presented ideas for the government to improve that neighborhood. The government did some works and improved the neighborhood.


I really liked this project. After finishing the master's degree, I continued to research and read about projects related to children in the city and visited some projects in different countries: Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece and Poland.


I also follow on social media projects from around the world that are related to the topic. I have already been invited to give lectures at universities and other cultural spaces with an interest in childhood issues. I continue to develop small concrete actions related to the participation of children in decision-making. But all voluntarily.


My dream is one day to work full time as a manager of social projects related to cities for children.


My walk is not always easy and I have to do work outside the area to be able to pay my bills. I believe that one day I will realize my dream!



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