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Corane & Desteque

The Smart Travel 2014 is a partnership project that involves two Local Action Groups (GAL), representative of nine municipalities in the Northeast of Portugal: The coraNE - Association for the Development of the Raia Northeastern Councils (Bragança, Miranda do Douro, Vimioso and Vinhais) and Desteque - Association for the Development of the Hot Earth (Alfândega da Fé, Carrazeda de Ansiães, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Mirandela and Vila Flor). These two GAL have as its mission the promotion of the local development. In this sense, they become involved in the organization of Smart Travel with a double objective: Empowerment and promotion of the territory.

The scientific component of the event represents learning process and empowerment for the territory and to all its active agents. The sharing of information, knowledge and experiences is essential in order to increase the local competitiveness, public and private decision-makers, opening paths for them for the integral development of the territory and for the implementation of strategies with intelligent solutions.

The experimental component of territory's visitation, represents, once again, a strong promotional commitment, in an integrated way.

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