Project Management vs Change Management

Project Management vs Change Management

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PM TALKS_ Project Management vs Change Management

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In this PM Talk we are going to debate about the alignment of Project Management and Change Management and how necessary they are for delivering successful projects has been ongoing for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come. Can Project Manager be a Change Manager at the same time or is there a need to have both disciplines working in collaboration when working on projects?


Ron Leeman

Ron has been in the “business of change and transformation” for More years than he cares to remember

He has worked across the length and breadth of the UK, across many European countries and Internationally in excess of 20 industry sectors and has “change managed” over 25 different technology solutions.

He is a Consultant, Trainer, Blogger, Speaker, Author, a Coach & Mentor and Trusted Advisor on all matters related to “change and transformation”.

In June 2012 he was presented with a “Change Leader of Tomorrow” Award by the World HRD Congress in recognition of his “remarkable progress in initiating changes enough for others in the same industry to follow his example”.

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