Figueiredo Sobral | 20 years Cycle - Perve Galeria

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Figueiredo Sobral - A Master's Singularity aims to celebrate Perve Galeria's 20th Anniversary Cycle and establishment in Lisbon.

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In 2020, aPGn2 - a Pigeon too, gallery established in Alcântara, Lisbon, celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Commemorative Cycle of Perve Galeria with the synthesis exhibition Figueiredo Sobral - A Master's Singularity, previously featured at Freedom's House - Mário Cesariny and Perve Galeria.

The showcase will be displayed from September, 21st to December, 19th, 2020, at aPGn2 - a Pigeon too, and available for visits by booking for one hour, two times per week, according to the event's calendar.

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