Empowering People for the Metaverse - 9 Class Course (1 Ticket = 10 Pax)

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Empowering People for the Metaverse - 9 Class Course (1 Ticket = 10 Pax)

Metaverse offers individuals and teams easy opportunities to engage “anyone” “anywhere”, straight from home, while saving time and money

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About this event

  • 56 days 1 hour
  • Mobile eTicket


Schedule all 9 classes, after booking, according to your preference - This date is a suggestion

This online course empowers people to thrive in any future Metaverse, by using their regular skills, developing cultural, educational or business projects

Regardless of any future interface, VR/AR, learn what really matters, how to approach established fully fledged Metaverses, with real economy, like Second Life

Because, one way or the other, Metaverse is becoming mainstream, with no Crypto


Engage in all components

- User interaction tools

- Resources and strategies

- Project development


Enjoy the best approach

- Practical - Learn by doing

- Methodical - Structured engagement

- Customized - Personal mentoring

- Professional - Suitable teacher


Learn by Doing

Practice all user features in the most mature fully fledged Metaverse - Second Life - learning how to approach any future meta-platform

Besides all interaction tools and resources, learn what works better and how to thrive, according to your own skills and goals

Without extra costs, participants also enjoy SL money and a private parcel of land, creating and developing their project for real


Engagement Phases

1 - Attend via Zoom, but actively request where to go and what to do inside SL, as Carlos Loff screen-shares all detailed interactions in real time

2 - Enter SL with the free viewer, to interact directly with the platform and meet with Carlos Loff to explore and acknowledge all main resources and projects

3 - Continuous mentoring, using own SL land and money to develop personal projects, from “plan” to “outcome”


Class 1 - Zoom - Schedule after booking

Introduction - Presentations - Expectations

Creating a free account, avatar and profile

Customizing the free viewer - Firestorm

Moving and interacting with world/objects

Searching and exploring SL virtual worlds

Using the map and keeping track of places

Personal doubts and expectations


Class 2 - Zoom - Schedule after booking

Chat, voice, IMs and Notecards

Attending live events and socializing

Meeting people and making friends

Joining groups and communities

Keeping track of friends and groups

Personal doubts and expectations


Class 3 - Zoom - Schedule after booking

Content permissions system

Scripts for object interactivity

Searching goods and services

Getting some freebie goods

Searching land to buy or rent

Personal doubts and expectations


Class 4 - SL - Schedule after booking

Practicing all previous learnings

Acknowledging established projects

Visiting cultural venues/events

Visiting educational venues/events

Visiting business venues/events

Personal doubts and expectations


Class 5 - SL - Schedule after booking

Creating a personal project

Project goals and strategies

Choosing the right land to start

Spatial layouts vs linear Internet

Managing land access and options

Personal doubts and expectations


Class 6 - SL - Schedule after booking

Basic building tools and options

Using pre-built scripted content

Selling and marketing resources

Building and managing community

Startup strategies brainstorm

Personal doubts and expectations


Class 7 - Second Life - Schedule after booking

Developing venues vs services

Do it yourself vs hiring others

Short run vs long run project

Developing the startup land

Purchasing goods and services

Doubts and personal project tips


Class 8 - Second Life - Schedule after booking

Caring for community or customers

Keeping track of project evolution

Identifying limits and problems

Solving problems and pivoting

Managing and scaling business

Doubts and personal project tips


Class 9 - Second Life - Schedule after booking

Checking problem solving outputs

Sharing main personal experiences

Personal project reach and outcome

Metaverse acknowledged pros and cons

Future SL projects and goals

Brainstorm about Future Metaverses


Zoom - Meet ID/Password

Provided after booking


Second Life Access

Free Avatar account creation at - www.secondlife.com

Free viewer install at - www.firestormviewer.org


Carlos Loff in Second Life

Carlos Loff´s Avatar in SL is - Loff Auer - since 2007, a leading experienced builder, event organizer, project developer and community manager, with long teaching delivery track


Carlos Loff Short Bio

Geographer since 1998, by Lisbon University

Worked 11 years in Quercus NGO - Environmental Education

Worked 10 years in Lisbon City Hall - Environmental Education

Teaches Photography since 2008 - Workshops and Courses


Carlos Loff´s Metaverse related links

YouTube Metaverse Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCicodRn-Qs83SdZGYqRUTHw

Airbnb Metaverse Classes - https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/2763475

13 Year Photography Workshops - https://www.meetup.com/irisfotografia/


Refund Policy

- I will issue a refund if only, if after me and buyer agree on a schedule, I decide to cancel. If after agreeing upon a schedule the buyer is the one who cancels, I will not issue a refund, but will try to arrange for other schedule