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Guimarães - CCVF - Palácio Vila Flor

Avenida D. Afonso Henriques, 701

4810-431 Guimarães


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Westway Lab Festival is a collaborative platform, a living and organic laboratory of experimentation and stimulus for creativity whose goal is to bring together, in the same city, acclaimed and emerging, international and national, innovative and purist artists for two weeks. Two weeks of music creation, video, urban interventions and thoughts played out through the development of activities such as Artistic Residencies, Talks, Showcases, PRO Conferences and Concerts.

Westway Lab is Portugal's first showcase festival, featuring a PRO conference and artistic residencies yielding unique performances. The 4-day festival takes place in Guimarães, the cradle city of Portugal, in the amazing Vila Flor Cultural Centre (CCVF) as well as other venues. Westway Lab, the first PRO music event in Portugal to join the ETEP network (European Talent Exchange Programme) actively promotes new Portuguese music abroad, bringing together referenced names in the national and international panorama in an innovative format that aims to approach, around the artistic creation, professionals of the area and the public.

After affirming its pro-active stance in the internationalization of Portuguese new music, through the PRO conferences, the international artistic residencies and showcase concerts, Westway Lab will also welcome its new European partners from the INES project: Innovation Network of European Showcases.

A third conference track, the WHY Portugal Event, focuses on the capacity building necessary for the internationalization of new Portuguese music - this year Westway LAB welcomes the second edition of the WHY Portugal Event.

The festival was co-founded by AMAEI, the Portuguese Independent Music Trade Association; and is organized by the cooperative “A Oficina”, the entity responsible for the management and programming of various cultural facilities in Guimarães.

PRO-GOLD Conference Registration: includes all concerts & showcases as well as the PRO-Conference entry.

PRO-SILVER Conference Registration: includes just the free showcases as well as the PRO-Conference entry. Visit www.westwaylabfestival.com or www.ccvf.pt to purchase additional concert tickets.


WESTWAY PRO - Westway LAB Conference 2018

Draft Conference Programme - Palácio Vila Flor, CCVF, Guimarães

Including 3 conference tracks: Westway PRO, INES, WHY Portugal Event

4ª feira, dia 11 de abril | Wednesday April 11th

15h Registration

16h INES Session 1: Bitcoins & Blockchains (w/Marcus O’Dair, Jordi Puy)

17h INES Session 2: Creative Europe – Music Moves Europe Session: Susana Costa Pereira (Europa Criativa) e Matthieu Philibert (IMPALA)

18h Artist Talks

19h Westway LAB Artist Residency Showcase

5ª feira, 12 de abril | Thursday April 12th

10h Festivals Panel: Introducing Linecheck: Daniele Ricca

10h INES Session 3: Exporting European Music via US Synchs: with Dan / Friendly Fire Licensing

11h The Sync Panel I: Writing Music for Film w/ Pia Hoffmann, Rodrigo Leão, mod. Markus Linde

11h MMF Portugal / IMMF Session 1: Managers running artist SME’s

12h INES Session 4: Europe in Synch Presentation & Public Brainstorm (Nis Bogvad, Daryl Bamonte, Markus Linde, Ralph Christoph)

12h Who Speaks for Artists? Sue Combo from LaGam/IAO challenges Portuguese artists to step up and find their own voice

15h The Sync Panel II: Music in Advertising w/ Markus Linde, Pedro Pinto, Jesper Gedeberg

15h MMF Portugal / IMMF Session 2: Artists & Brands

16:30h Keychange with Vanessa Reed, PRS Foundation

16:30h INES Session 5: Trends in Digital Rights Management: Armonia Online (w/ Virgine Berger) & Teosto Future Labs (w/ Turo Pekari)

16:30h Portuguese Featured Artist Brainstorm Meeting

18h Artist Talks

6ª feira, 13 de abril | Friday April 13th

10h Festivals Panel: Introducing C/o Pop

10h INES Session 6: New Digital Influencers (w/ Paul Sampson, Lickd.co)

10h The Cratives Industries in the Drive Seat of Economy: with SXSW’s Mirko Whitfield

11:30 Assembleia geral Why Portugal

12h EMEE Board Meeting (Closed Session)

12h INES Session 7: The Future of Music Roudtable (w/ Mark Kitcatt, Frants Steinbach, Cai Trefor)

15h Austria Country Focus Panel

16h Austrian Speed Meetings

16h INES Session 8: Why Digital Music Piracy is still a serious problem for the Music Industry (w/Francisco Borges)

16h AMAEI Workshop: Digital Marketing, Distribution & Playlisting: Vitor Macedo (Altafonte), Raquel Lains (Let’s Start a Fire) (With guest Peter Astedt TBC)

17h Why Portugal Event Showcases

20h Austria Country Focus Reception

Sábado, 14 de abril |Saturday April 14th

10h Meet the INES Festivals: Networking Breakfast

10h30 AMAEI - AGM

11h30 GDA Session: The role of Rights Societies in Distribution as well as Cultural Development

Free Networking / City Tour of Afternoon Showcase Concerts

Westway PRO passes are now available:

PRO-GOLD - Includes all conferences, shows from Wednesday to Saturday and City Showcases on Saturday, preferred access to WHY Portugal Event showcases plus Saturday Night Paid Festival Headliner Shows at CCVF (artists TBA)

PRO-SILVER - Includes all conferences, shows from Wednesday to Saturday and City Showcases on Saturday, and preferred access to WHY Portugal Event showcases (artists TBA)

Access to all showcases and concerts are subject to venue capacity.


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Guimarães - CCVF - Palácio Vila Flor

Avenida D. Afonso Henriques, 701

4810-431 Guimarães


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