Webcast: À conversa com Chet Hendrickson: O papel do SCRUM no desenvolvimen...

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Numa conversa informal e interativa, Chet Hendrickson e Hugo Lourenço abordarão o papel que a metodologia SCRUM pode ter no desenvolvimento de software, tirando partido da agilidade que esta proporciona. Conheça também as vantagens e benefícios que a certificação Scrum Developer lhe pode trazer para a sua vida profissional e impacto nas suas tarefas e funções.

Interaja com os oradores, questione e participe nesta sessão completamente Agile.

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Chet Hendrickson

Has been involved with Agile Software Development since 1996, when as a member of Chrysler’s C3 project he helped develop Extreme Programming. In 2000, Ron Jeffries, Ann Anderson, and Chet wrote Extreme Programming Installed. It detailed XP’s core practices, how to do them, and how they work together to help teams be successful.

Since 2002, Chet has been an independent consultant, coach, and trainer. In 2009, he was asked by the Scrum Alliance to help develop the Certified Scrum Developer program. Chet and Ron Jeffries taught the first CSD course and continue to offer them in the United States and Europe. He has been a Certified Scrum Trainer since 2009.

Chet and Ron Jeffries often work together and are popular conference speakers, bringing an interesting mix of humor and deep knowledge, and the odd cat picture.

Hugo Lourenço

Has over 13 years of experience in areas ranging from business analysis, project management, agile, lean, service management, governance, Integrated Cyber Defense Operations, Customer User Experience Strategy to challenging leaders to drive the future. He believes the foundation drivers and enablers are Integration, Communication and People.

He researches and implements global trends among senior executives and organizations across any industry and topic you can imagine, from strategic advisor, cloud computing, management and Integrated Cyber Operations Portfolio to diversity, orthodoxies and all through the way he works on the projects.

Hugo has a strong personal drive. Targets motivate him strongly, but a major incentive is the idea of creating a legacy and welding influence over others.

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