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Personalised Jewellery Making Workshop - LX Factory - English ou Francais

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Make your own personalised jewellery Learn Jewellery making techniques Max 2 students per workshop All Jewellery Materials included

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We will start by deciding which sterling silver design you would like to make from my personalised jewellery range. These include pendant leather bracelets, pendant necklaces or pendant bracelets. These are suitable for women and men. Please check the full range at www.hilaryandjune.com

Once you have chosen your design, I will guide you through the 3 techniques. We will cover, hand stamping, sanding and polishing. I will be there by your side to give you pointers and to teach you the basic techniques to successfully create your keepsake piece of jewellery.

The class will take place in my atelier/shop at the LX Factory. We will listen to music and chat.

I can hold the class in English or French

Class size is maximum 2 people, aged 14 and over.

Price includes all materials, chain, leather and pendants.

The Workspaces



The Atelier/Shop

The Atelier/Shopfront

Personalised Circle Leather Bracelet

Personalised Circle Leather Necklace

Finished Pieces by the students

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