NHEM Year in Review 2022

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Nova School of Business and Economics

Room B005, Rua da Holanda, 1

2775-405 Carcavelos


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NHEM's review of the projects carried-out throughout the 2021/22 school year.

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The Nova School of Business and Economcis Health Economics and Management Knowledge Center (NHEM) is holding a review of all the projects carried-out during the the 2021/22 school year.

The event is open for NHEM members, the Nova SBE community, and to the general public. It consists of a day of presentations in which our members will showcase their work, answer questions, and debate ideas on the topic of health economics and management.

All sessions will take place in room B005.

The event will be organized in the following way:

  • 09H30 - 09H45: Check-In
  • 09H45 - 10H00: Opening Address - A review of the year, by Patricia Carvalho
  • 10H00 - 12H00: First Session - Building a sustainable health system
  • 12H00 - 13H15: Lunch
  • 13H15 - 14H15: Second Session - Novel ways of doing innovation: when patients get involved
  • 14H30 - 15H30: Third Session - Managing better for a better health system
  • 15H30 - 16H00: Coffee-Break
  • 16H00 - 17H30: Round-table - The Contribution of Research to the Future of Health
  • 17H30 - 17H45: Closing Address - Plans for the next year, by Pedro Pita Barros


Universities promote knowledge creation in a continuous way. This Year in Review session will discuss with the audience the work done by researchers, by PhD students and by students of executive education programs of Nova SBE, in the current academic year. Exchanging ideas is at the heart of innovation and research. We welcome everyone to contribute.

First Session - Building a sustainable health system

The macroeconomic view, the role of competition and improving health results.

  • Carolina Santos - "Uncovering Competitive Forces in Prescription Drug Markets - Evidence from Statins"
  • Eduardo Costa - "What is health spending? A closer look on the connection between health spending, economic growth and the public finances"
  • Joana Pestana - "High antidepressant therapy prescription, do psychologists help? - Evidence from Portugal"
  • Luís Coelho Filipe - "Trajectories of disability and long-term care utilization after acute health shocks"

Second Session - Novel ways of doing innovation: when patients get involved

Implementation of value-based health care and designing news ways of scientific research require a stronger and more informed participation of patients than has occurred traditionally. Cultural change in organisations must take place to move forward.

  • Filipe Costa – “Value based Healthcare: From concept to action…”
  • Constança Roquette - "Patient Involvement in Research | New Partners, Better Outcomes"

Third Session - Managing better for a better health system

The knowledge and experience of health-sector professionals (of different fields) can be put together, creating knowledge and promoting actions to improve patients’ health by better management.

  • Inês Leal - "Value Based Healthcare, Paediatric Ophthalmology"
  • Paulina Rocha – "Assessment of the psychological and organizational safety in a primary care unit"

Round-table - The Contribution of Research to the Future of Health

Does scientific research improve health? The creation of knowledge and the contribution of scientific research to the health sector is fundamental for enhancing quality of life, both in medical and in organizational terms, as well as regarding the efficient use of the resources available to this activity.

  • Patrícia Calado - Vice-Dean for Research, Nova Medical School
  • Válter R. Fonseca - Director of the Department for Quality in Health & Coordinator of the COVID-19 National Immunization Tecnhical Advisory Group, Directorate-General of Health
  • Marisa Loureiro - Innovation Specialist in the Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability Department at Ageas Group Portugal
  • Inês Dias da Silva (Moderator) - Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center

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