InterNational Welcome Party #2 (OFFICIAL EVENT) - "For Your Eyes Only"

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InterNational Welcome Party #2 (OFFICIAL EVENT) - "For Your Eyes Only"

Official InterNational Welcome Party #2

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The Sinnerman Speakeasy 24 Rua Bartolomeu de Gusmão 2765-305 Estoril Portugal

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Join the biggest InterNational Welcome Party and get to meet people from all over the world, while being entertained by one of Portugal's top DJs, either P!PPA (@pippaofcourse) or Vinnext (@vinnext) - TBC!

Special guest artists include a quartet band (Catman and the Blues Doozers) that will make you want to move your feet even more!

Special conditions (reduced cover fee of 8€ instead of 10€) for partnering universities NOVA, ISEG and companies BNP, Webhelp, BNI (student/company badge will need to be shown at the entrance)! Both Erasmus / InterNational and local Portuguese crowd are welcome!