Hydraulic Transients

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Hydraulic Transients

FUNDEC Expert Talk

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Presencial, no Instituto Superior Técnico e online, através da plataforma Zoom Av. Rovisco Pais, 1 1049-001 Lisboa Portugal

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Hydraulic Transients

Topics covered

- Introduction to pipe flow under pressure (45 min);

- Modelling transient pipe flows (unsteady friction, cavitation, retarded strain) (45 min).

Brief description

The importance of pipe flow behavior allows to avoid pipe bursting, ruptures and leak occurrence. In this seminar it will be teached the basic concepts associated to the pressurised pipe flow, developed mathematical formulation for hydraulic modelling, analyses of specific phenomena, such as the influence of unsteady friction on the damping of pressure waves, occurrence of cavitation and the effect of retarded strain.


DSc. Kamil Urbanowicz defended his MSc dissertation in 2004, the PhD thesis in 2009 and receive Habilitation degree in 2019. He is Associate Professor at West Pomeranian University of Technology (teaching Solid Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics). His research activity is focused mainly on numerical and analytical modelling of fluid transients that occurring in many systems: hydraulic; water supply, hydropower plants, transmission lines, cooling or heating systems. Since start of his professional career he is working on progresses in most important accompanying fluid transients’ phenomena as: frequency dependent friction (unsteady friction); cavitation; retarded strain modelling (occurring in plastic-viscoelastic pipes). In recent years he is also interested in unification and simplification of analytical solutions related to fluid transients in pressurize pipes. He has written more than 50 publications (more than 30 of them are indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science databases) and is a reviewer of around 30 journals from Journal Citation Reports. He participated in few nationals scientific research projects and is Member of Polish Academy of Science (Fluid Mechanics Section) and Member of Polish Society of Theoretical and European Structural Integrity Society (ESIS).

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