Faces - International Art Exhibition 2017
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Faces - International Art Exhibition 2017

Faces - International Art Exhibition 2017

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UNITED PHOTO PRESS is selecting all over the world interesting photography, painting, installation, sculpture, video art works to include in the next 2017 exhibition‘s & book: 

"Faces" - The perception of our being is the first step for the discovering of our identity, because everyday we meet and deal with a multitude of different "Faces" identities and roles, and we face the public life, creating and adapting our social identities. Then, a deep investigation of our inner world and its relationship with the outside, modify our physical and sexual identities. We invited artists to show in our international exhibitions their idea of "Faces" identity and to celebrate it through art book, ...

For more information or to take part in the selection, send an e-mail to:

1. Vernissage 20th January 2017 - House of Culture - Portugal
2. Vernissage 10th February 2017 Funchal - Madeira Islands
3. Vernissage 3rd March 2017 - Tina Gonçalves Art Gallery - Portugal
4. Pré-Vernisage March 2017 - Prague - Czech Republic
5. Vernissage April 2017 - Granada - Spain
6. In Negotiations to Buenos Aires - Argentina
7. In Negotiations to New York - U.S.A.
8. In Negotiations to Lyon - France
9. In Negotiations to S. Paulo - Brazil
10. In Negotiations to Tokyo - Japan

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All over the world

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