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Adquira os conhecimentos fundamentais sobre as boas práticas do COBIT® 2019, com o curso COBIT 2019 Foundation.

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Live Online Training


COBIT is a framework for the governance and management of enterprise Information and Technology that supports enterprise goal achievement. This Foundation course is intended for new users to COBIT who are interested in achieving the foundation certificate. This two-day foundation course highlights the concepts, models and key definitions of the COBIT framework. COBIT® provides the guidance and means to build and sustain a best-fit governance system that aligns with major related standards, frameworks and regulations. The COBIT framework is also very relevant to the modern enterprise—bringing structure to decision making and assisting in the creation of a more agile governance system. COBIT provides the latest thinking in Enterprise Governance of Information & Technology (EGIT) and is a comprehensive repository of guidance, tools, models and resources to help business leaders achieve their objectives for effective I&T governance. This course and respective COBIT® Foundation certificate, are prerequisites for the following courses and certifications:

Training and certification COBIT®2019 Design and Implementation

Training and certification NIST Cybersecurity using COBIT® 2019


The training is delivered in a classroom and Live Online training model and through:

Presentation of the subjects, content and group discussions;

Mock/Simulation exam as preparation for the completion of the certification exam.

The methodology of training, as regards the presentation of content, is part of the lecture method, and the exercises and assignments in this case the exam simulation, falls within the active method, in which the individual activity or group is in engine itself individual reflection, discussion, development of critical thinking, self-assessment and consequently learning.


Senior Manager

Business Manager

IT Manager

Assurance Providers

Risk Management


GRC Manager


Solutions Architect

Program Manager

Security and Compliance Advisors


Participants must understand English language, since all training material are in English.

Objectivos Gerais

Recognize the target audience of COBIT.

Recognize the context, benefits and key reasons COBIT is used as an information and technology governance framework.

Recognize the descriptions and purposes of the COBIT product architecture.

Recall the alignment of COBIT with other applicable frameworks, standards and bodies of knowledge.

Understand and describe the governance “system” and governance “framework” principles.

Describe the components of a governance system.

Understand the overall structure and contents of the Goals Cascade.

Recall the 40 Governance and Management Objectives and their purpose statements.

Understand the relationship between Governance and Management Objectives and Governance Components.

Differentiate COBIT based performance management using maturity and capability perspectives.

Discover how to design a tailored governance system using COBIT.

Explain the key points of the COBIT business case.

Understand and recall the phases of the COBIT implementation approach.

Describe the relationships between the COBIT Design and Implementation Guides.

Prepare for the COBIT Foundation exam.



COBIT Framework Introduction


Governance System and Components

Governance and Management Objectives

Performance Management in COBIT

Designing a Tailored Governance System

The COBIT Business Case

Implementing Enterprise Governance Over IT

Closing and Questions

Exam preparation


The COBIT Foundation exam is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge of the framework as opposed to memorization. Candidates will explore COBIT concepts, principles and methodologies used to establish, enhance, and maintain a system for effective governance and management of enterprise information technology. The exam will test a candidate’s understanding of those topics. Individuals who achieve a passing score on the COBIT Foundation exam will receive the COBIT Foundation Certificate. Specific exam information includes:

75 multiple-choice questions


One correct answer for each question, using three choices (A, B or C)

Two hour duration

Pass rate is 65% or 49 correct answers out of 75


COBIT®2019 Foundation

Informações Gerais

Formação em regime presencial na língua portuguesa ou inglesa.

Recursos materiais da formação online e em Inglês, com acesso online, contendo informação e exercícios práticos por domínio.

Certificado de Frequência de Formação Behaviour com 14 créditos CPD/CPE.

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Formação em regime presencial na língua portuguesa ou inglesa.

Recursos materiais da formação online e em Inglês, com acesso online, contendo informação e exercícios práticos por domínio.

Certificado de Frequência de Formação Behaviour com 14 créditos CPD/CPE.

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