CobIT  Design and Implementation

CobIT Design and Implementation

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Acquire the knowledge needed to design governance systems and run governance improvement programs.

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Live Online Training


COBIT is a framework for the governance and management of enterprise Information and Technology that supports enterprise goal achievement. This Design and Implementation course is intended for more experienced users to COBIT who are interested in more advanced use of the framework, i.e. designing governance systems and running governance improvement programs. This course requires the COBIT Foundation Certificate to be successfully achieved. This two-day course is structured around the COBIT 2019 Design Guide and the COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide. Build on your expertise in not just understanding COBIT®, but also in implementing the globally accepted framework to maximize the value of enterprise information and technology. Gain the know-how to design and implement an effective IT governance system and run governance improvement programs with the COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation program. Intended for more experienced COBIT users, the certificate program supports enterprise goal achievement. The COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation Certificate affirms holders ability to understand, design and implement programs for the enterprise governance of IT (EGIT).


The training is delivered in a classroom and Live Online training model and through:

Presentation of the subjects, content and group discussions;

Mock/Simulation exam as preparation for the completion of the certification exam.

The methodology of training, as regards the presentation of content, is part of the lecture method, and the exercises and assignments in this case the exam simulation, falls within the active method, in which the individual activity or group is in engine itself individual reflection, discussion, development of critical thinking, self-assessment and consequently learning.


Below are some of the IT job roles that would best benefit from the COBIT Foundation Certificate Program:

Senior Manager

Business Manager

IT Manager

Assurance Providers

Risk Management


GRC Manager


Solutions Architect

Program Manager

Security and Compliance Advisors


COBIT 2019 Foundation certification. Also, participants must understand English language, since all training material are in English.

Objectivos Gerais

Describe the key concepts of COBIT 2019.

Describe the benefits of the COBIT 2019.

Describe the current design factors in COBIT 2019.

Apply the design factor concept to identify relevant values.

Describe the impact design factors can have on the design of a governance system.

Describe the design workflow of a governance system.

Use the steps in the design workflow for governance systems.

Apply the design workflow to a concrete situation in order to obtain a governance system design. Describe and use the design guide toolkit in a concrete situation.

Use the mapping tables between design factors and governance/management objectives pragmatically.

Describe purpose and scope of the COBIT 2019.

Apply the implementation methodology and approach for a governance implementation program.

Combine the process from both the COBIT 2019 Implementation and the COBIT 2019 Design to use in concrete situations.

Apply the objectives, descriptions and tasks of the seven implementation phases in concrete situations.

Apply the challenges, root causes and critical success factors of the seven implementation phases to concrete situations.

Apply the key decision topics and related responsibilities for governance implementation to concrete situations.



COBIT 2019 Basic Concepts

Design Factors for a Governance System

Impact of Design Factors

The Governance System Design Workflow

The Governance Design Toolkit

Implementing and Optimizing I&T Governance Overview

Governance Implementation Lifecycle

Key Topics Decision Matrix

Closing Remarks


The exam tests the degree to which the candidates have understood the COBIT 2019 key concepts, the COBIT 2019 Design Guide and the COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide, and the degree to which the candidates can apply these concepts in (simulated) practice, how they analyze a governance related problem and propose COBIT 2019 based solutions:

The exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions for a total of 60 points.

The candidates have three hours (180 min) to complete the exam.

Passing grade is 60% or 36 points.


COBIT 2019 Design & Implementation


Formação em regime presencial na língua portuguesa ou inglesa.

Recursos materiais da formação online e em Inglês, com acesso online, contendo informação e exercícios práticos por domínio.

Certificado de Frequência de Formação Behaviour com 14 créditos CPD/CPE.