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Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP preparation course)

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP preparation course)

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    Achieve the Expertise in the field of cloud Security with CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional Training and Certification

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    -Live Online Training

    This five-day CCSP® exam preparation course deals with the security concepts to be mastered in order to obtain certification. In an accelerated but rigorous manner, this training prepares the student for the examination, covering the entirety of the Common Body of Knowledge about security (CBK). The CBK covers: Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design, Cloud Data Security, Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security, Cloud Application Security, Cloud Security Operations and Legal, Risk and Compliance.


    In this certification preparation course, participants will review the main concepts of cloud security according to the domains of the CCSP® certification, consolidate their knowledge through exam simulation questions during the course and final exam simulation in order to assess their level of knowledge and the amount of effort needed to be aligned and perform successfully the certification exam.


    Experienced cybersecurity and IT/ICT professionals who are involved in transitioning to and maintaining cloud-based solutions and services, such as:

    Enterprise Architect

    Security Administrator

    Systems Engineer

    Security Architect

    Security Consultant

    Security Engineer

    Security Manager

    Systems Architect

    Objectivos Gerais

    After completing this course you should be able to:

    Understand legal frameworks and guidelines that affect cloud services.

    Recognize the fundamentals of data privacy regulatory/legislative mandates.

    Assess risks, vulnerability, threats, and attacks in the cloud environment.

    Evaluate the design and plan for cloud infrastructure security controls.

    Evaluate what is necessary to manage security operations.

    Understand what operational controls and standards to implement.

    Describe the types of cloud deployment models in the types of “as a service” cloud models currently available today.

    Identify key terminology, and associated definitions related to cloud technology.

    Establish a common terminology for use with in your team or workgroup.

    Build a business case for cloud adoption and determine business units that benefit from cloud migration strategies.


    Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design

    Cloud Data Security

    Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security

    Cloud Application Security

    Cloud Security Operations

    Legal, Risk and Compliance

    Exam Preparation: Simulation Exam

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