Agile - Open Space Walking - The Return

Agile - Open Space Walking - The Return

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Circular Pedestrian Bridge

20 Cais dos Mercanteis

3800 Aveiro


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This event is to join people with agile passion. Instead of staying in a room to make an openspace , let’s do a walking openspace.

Acerca deste evento

Open Space creates very fluid and dynamic conversations that are bound through a mutual enthusiasm for the topic.

It is good for harnessing the creativity that is stifled by more structured forms of meetings, but in cases where participants are used to the latter, a trained moderator can be useful. Usually we have several rooms to each topic we want , as a group, to discuss. In this event, we are going to try a different way of doing! Instead of rooms, lets walk in small groups and talk about several topics also.

The magic will be: how we are going to adapt? What emerges during and after the meetup/experience? It is something to repeat?

The fundamental principles of Open Space are:

  • Whenever it starts is the right time: Open Space encourages creativity both during and between formal sessions.
  • When it's over it's over: Getting the work done is more important than adhering to rigid schedules.
  • Whatever happens, happens: Let go of your expectations and pay full attention to what is happening in the moment.
  • There is one "Law", the "Law of two feet": If participants find themselves in a situation where they are not learning or contributing they have a responsibility to go to another session, or take a break for personal reflection.


18h30 - Welcome

18h40 - Icebreaker

18h45 - Explanation of an Open Space Walking

18h50 - Topics identification and Voting

19h00 - Start Open Space Walking

19h40 - Debrief

20h00 - Beer and Dinner

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